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Winter Crappie Catch
Winter Crappie Catch

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Rainy Day Bass Catch

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Black Crappie Spring Catch

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Feedback from Customers

"My wife and I recently visited friends in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. During our stay, Barry White took my friend and me fishing. What a great experience! Barry was definitely a very experienced fisherman taking us to areas loaded with fish. We caught our limit, headed back to shore, and Barry cleaned and filleted the fish for us. What a tasty fish fry we had that night. Thank you, Barry White for an unforgettable day! I would recommend his guide service to anyone visiting that area!"
B.C. - Las Vegas

"Barry showed us all the techniques we could ask for to catch Crappie! And we caught a bunch!"

R. - Minnesota


"Barry's Guide Service was a fun and enjoyable experience. I always assumed that I was knowledgeable about fishing until I met Barry. He is a true fishing professional who also knows how to have fun. I would recommend to anyone from the fishing novice all the way to the expert. If you are looking to catch monster fish this is the guide service you need!

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Jenny & I made a trip to Cincinnati Feb 10-12, 2017 where we had a table and promotional setup at Bass Pro Shops for Barry's Guide Service. We talked to over 200 people and feel like there will be some trips for our efforts. One fellow called while we were on the way home and booked a trip for this coming weekend!
Thank You to Bass Pro Shops!
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